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Locally owned and operated Fidelity First Home Mortgage is currently looking to expand and is seeking quality individuals to help expand our market share.  The opportunity is tremendous here at Fidelity First Home Mortgage as we continue to grow our sales force and provide a quality product to thousands of clients.  Your financial goals in the mortgage industry can easily be achieved at Fidelity First for many reasons. 
At Fidelity First our owner takes pride in providing a proven track record of supplying quality leads to his sales force.  Everyday is a new day to continuously monitor the market and the many changes that occur and seek out the best possible lead source and prospective client for you, the professional mortgage specialist.  At a time when many companies are slowing down and reducing their work force we continue to grow and provide career opportunities to many individuals.

The atmosphere at Fidelity First Home Mortgage is second to none in the mortgage industry.  Professionalism is high with large offices, personalized marketing campaigns, proven leadership and an excellent processing and support staff.  Competition is fierce when quality and proven individuals are striving and driving with one common goal, to succeed and be the best they can be.  Fidelity First Home Mortgage also has one of the most aggressive commission programs in the industry. Fidelity First Home Mortgage has over forty investors so finding a product for your client is a given, from A+ paper, sub-prime to foreclosures, we have a lender for you. 

We will require you to originate conforming and non-conforming mortgages and home equity leads through in house lead programs and/or self generation.  Mortgage specialist are expected to have the utmost in professional conduct and work on building relationships with our consumers and professionals in other related fields.  Professional relationships must also be maintained within the company especially the processing and management teams.  If you are ready for a new and exciting career opportunity please contact us today and began your road to financial freedom.  

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